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What's this?

Buildat is a multiplayer videogame platform mainly developed for Windows(*) and GNU/Linux.

Buildat mainly focuses on moddable minecraft-like games. This does not prevent you from doing pretty much anything on it, though.

Buildat is developed by Perttu "celeron55" Ahola, the original author of Minetest. It is distributed under the very permissive Apache 2.0 License.

(*) Preliminary packages available here.


Once the Buildat client has connected to a server, the server has a blank canvas in its hands. A blank canvas, and a powerful API. Buildat works by allowing the server to define all aspects of the game it is running, letting players use the universal client on multiple unique servers, even of different game genres.

Server-side logic is developed in C++; client-side in Lua. Modern graphics, sound, physics and other mundane but important things are handled by Urho3D, while Buildat takes care of networking, sandboxing, runtime-compiled C++, resource transfer, other kinds of logistics and the overall user experience.

Get it? Get it!

Currently you are good to go if you use Linux and are comfortable with building a few pieces of software.

Just go to Buildat's github page and follow instructions in

Buildat is very early in development - if you need a stable platform to build on, you cannot find it here at the moment! Check back every few months and Buildat may surprise you.

Like it?

You could of course shout about it in social media, but come on, this is a game engine. You can fund development by tipping some money to celeron55:

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